Air transport

Speed, reliability and cost efficiency are the defining characteristics of an air cargo service provider. Our cargo specialists are represented on all continents and worldwide control their flight connections, cargo consolidation as well as door-to-door transportation and dispatching.

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Marine transport

In mid-2015 we decided to start providing our customers with a new range of services. Following the bases of our work we managed in a short time position ourselves as competitive forwarders in Cordoba and thus reach a new segment of multinational companies.

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Multimodal transportation service

We offer our customers the service to save operational costs in maritime transport having a large capacity of land units in Latin America.

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Ground Transportation

Framex is a leading company recognized by its customers as the main logistics pillar. Research and decision-making are carried out with them to reduce extra costs. We work on continuous improvement.

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Framex Group, a company dedicated to international transport logistics, with main operational / commercial base in Córdoba, Argentina and Santiago de Chile. Also operating office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With projections of opening in 2018 in Mediterranean Europe. We have extensive experience in the freight transport and logistics market. We work by strengthening our business relationships and offering a distinctive service with excellence. With a strong emphasis on helping to reduce the current logistical and operational costs, in order to be able to place the products in a more competitive world.

We distinguish ourselves in adding value to the requirements of our customers, within their chain and supply, providing a service of quality and excellence. The pillars are cargo transportation, storage and insurance.

We currently work with a broad network of strategic agents and partners worldwide. We carry out Air, Rail, Maritime, Terrestrial and Multimodal traffic. As Chamber members of International Agents we have commercial presence in more than 70 countries, covering Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.


Efficient transit time.


Permanent information on shipment status.

Personalized attention.

Allies of our clients and work together to reduce extra costs.


Shipped of all the documentation before the departure of the shipment.

Atención las 24hs.


Seguros propios.

Use knowledge in international treaties to reduce current logistics costs.


We improved hiring conditions.


Own fleet

Own insurance.

Human Resources

Hiring and retaining a winning team of people dedicated to the mission of the company is fundamental to our success. We are looking for people who share the business vision and can work in the middle of foreign trade.

The human resources area is a fundamental element in the whole development of the group and on it are held the basic pillars of our organization:

  • Respect for people.
  • Quality.
  • Innovation.
  • Synergy.
  • Search for excellence and excel.
  • Security.
  • Integrity.

Send us your CV to, Come to an entrepreneurial experience, together with people who share the same business vision.



To give value to the business process of our clients in an efficient way and from this to affect in a reduction of the current logistical costs.


To be a company recognized and preferred for its excellence in the provision of logistics services and personalized attention.


Integrity and commitment.

Trust (It is the most important human value to be respected by the company.


 Innovation and development

 Continuous improvement

 Constant training.


We have an extensive network of agents and partners around the world, these are the strongest pillars of the company and what positions us in the market with an excellent rate and differentiated service for our clients. We believe in the power of teamwork, and that is why the time we dedicate to the selection process of our agents.

Framex Group

Framex Group
Cesar Carrizo 3070
Córdoba, Argentina


Córdoba, Argentina − Filial Comercial / Operativa

Responsable: Mariano G. Franzosi

Av La Cordillera 3435. Piso 1° Oficina “B”. CP X5009EJA
PH: +54 351 481 9449
Skype: mariano.franzosi                   


Buenos Aires, Argentina − Filial Operativa / Documental

Responsable: Miguel Amantia

D.F. Sarmiento 1992 – Olivos – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Tel.: +54 9 1166785601 

Filial Comercial / Documental – Santiago, Chile y Los Andes, Chile.

General Manager: Nancy Aliaga.

Commercial manager:Mariano Franzosi
Operative and coordination: Gonzalo Vega.

Address: El Retomo 2216, Las Condes, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2893 4231