Ground Transportation

Framex is a leading company recognized by its customers as the main logistics pillar. Research and decision-making are carried out with them to reduce extra costs. We work on continuous improvement.

In terms of land transport we import / export around 135,000 tons per year in FTL cargo and about 25000 tons in LTL cargo. Projected to increase by 11% by 2017.

There was a strong incidence in multinational companies since the incorporation of their own fleet.

  • Full charge, transportation service with exclusive units tailored to each client.
  • Consolidated Loads, supplying the most important points of land traffic.
  • Dry Charge
  • Refrigerated Freight
  • Frozen Load
  • Oversized
  • Special projects
  • Bulk cargo.
  • Specialized in container movement **

Equipment For Land Loads.

  • Self-propelled semi-trailers
  • Self-propelled semi-trailers with folding rails.
  • Chassis and couplings.
  • Dry cargo vans.
  • Own refrigerated vans (Subject to availability)
  • Trucky Trucks
  • Container trucks.

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